Sara Stanley is pursuing a career as a food journalist or video producer for an online or print publication. Stanley has a Bachelor of Science degree in communication with a double concentration in journalism and broadcasting. Her love of writing, creativity, and food has led her to pursue a non-traditional journalism career.

Stanley’s ultimate career goal is to become a food journalist with a focus on bringing attention to vegetarian and vegan cuisines in the South. Her dream is to travel the world following food trends and pursuing the next big recipe. She also has plans to create a supper club-type business with a partnering winery.

Stanley’s work as the Editor-in-Chief for the Western Carolinian and the President of the WCU chapter of SPJ helped her to exercise her skills in leadership and management, as well as develop her literary voice.

Stanley has a persistent, passionate, and determined work ethic. She strives to achieve perfection and is willing to work tirelessly to do so. Her relentless drive has given her a reputation for being a reliable team member and a constant source of new ideas. Creativity is a large part of her life and she prides herself on being a one-of-a-kind person, in the workplace and in her personal life.

Sara Stanley | sastanley18@gmail.com | (336)-830-0316