These audio assignments were researched, written, voiced, and produced by Sara Stanley during her radio production classes. Stanley used a Shure studio microphone provided by the Communication Dept. to record all audio. However, Stanely is also proficient with Zoom Handy recording microphones, lavalier microphones, and Rode mounted microphones.

Audition: This is an under-4 minute compilation of the best of Sara’s work.
60 Second Promo: This is an example of a promotional ad that Sara produced for a local non-profit event.
Public Service Announcement: This is a 20-minute interview with a local non-profit group. This program is intended to inform the local community about the services offered by this group.
30 Second Commercial: This is a commercial written for a fake restaurant as part of a class assignment.
Newscast: This is a fictional newscast pieced together and edited for a class assignment.
Podcast: This is an example of one of Sara’s several podcast projects. This is part one of a three-part series documenting sustainability on campus and in Jackson County, NC.

Stanley is proficient in Adobe Audition and uses this software to edit, mix, and condense audio projects. Her focus is on maintaining audio quality throughout the editing process and enhancing natural inflections within each voice. Stanley takes pride in her ability to be detail-oriented in the editing process, focusing on the smallest nuances that can take a project from amateur to impressive.